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’90s Fashion Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Many people agree that the longest lasting fashion decade is the ’90s. From the moment Cher Horowitz stepped out on the big screen in her yellow plaid blazer and mini skirt from Clueless, we knew ’90s fashion was here to stay. Do you own a denim jacket, choker, plaid skirt or all three? If so, the popular decade has influenced your fashion sense more than you know. Below is a list of some ’90s fashion and beauty trends that have either made a comeback or are still going strong to this day. Enjoy!



You were definitely a certified “fashionista” in the ’90s if you rocked a plastic choker. Everyone from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Beyoncé has worn one and the trend has seemed to reemerge in full force. Instead of plastic, materials ranging from leather, ribbon, and metal make today’s options endless. You can even add embellishments like gems and pendants  to them to add to your look. Whether you love or hate them, there is no denying that chokers can give any outfit that extra edgy, compelling look.



Denim Jackets

Denim jackets never really went away, but now they are bigger than ever. And just in time for fall! From cropped styles to baggy, over-sized types, the ’90s piece that defined a decade is here to stay. There is no need to mess with a good thing!


Plaid Skirts

Cher Horowitz anyone? Grunge was still popular in the early ’90s, however a new wave of preppy minimalist style came alive with plaid skirts being a definite fashion staple. And the fashion piece never seems to really go away. Thank Clueless for that one!


The Crop Top

These belly-baring shirts symbolized ’90s fashion and can still be seen today. The returning trend, however, has taken on a more sophisticated tone with the look being seen on the red carpet and at award shows.


Berry Lips

History tends to repeat itself, especially in the fashion and beauty world. Deep berry lips were a popular beauty look of the ’90s, and the trend can still be spotted today on the streets and red carpet alike. Especially in the fall season where dark berry colors have always been a signature fall look.



Velvet became a big part of fashion in the ’90s and everyone seemed to be wearing it. Thanks to the decade’s revival, you will be seeing a lot of velvet this coming winter season, and in 2017.


Iridescent Makeup

This look has always been a beauty staple, both in the ’90s and today. Adding some shimmer and glow to your makeup routine will instantly amp up your look.


The Floral Skater Dress

The skater dress never seems to go out of style. If you go on many clothing websites and you will see selections of the pretty, flared out dress. Today, it’s made a comeback-namely in floral prints such as daisies and sunflowers.


Have any other ’90s trends in mind that are still a fashion or beauty staple in your life? Comment below!




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