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Did Ro James Save R&B Music?

Ro James may be the instant classic we needed for 2016.

Quite possibly the next great thing since Frank Ocean and Prince, Ro James puts a spin on R&B that leaves listeners drowning in his melodies.

The German-born American Rapper released his studio debut El Dorado in May 2016, carrying such hits as Permission, and Burn slow.

In regards to writing and his initial sound, the New York native spoke exclusively with stating:

Nah. I think it’s just already there. I don’t try to worry about sounding like anybody because I know i have my own tone, my own sound. It’s just about being honest in a song and trying to relate myself or how to basically break it down as simple as possible for someone to try to understand it. Not being too deep, not being too shallow at the same time.

The kid has it. The diversity of his music will have him here wearing the R&B crown for years to come.

El Dorado is now available on iTunes.

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