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Sarah Jessica Parker: Fired from Antz!

Wow! Sarah Jessica Parker has been fired!

During a visit to the Howard Stern show, The Sex and the City star admitted that she was fired from not one animated movie, but two! Sarah Jessica Parker was fired from the Antz, in which she was cast as Princess Antz, and Home on the Range in which the actress was to play a cow.

“The first time they were like, ‘We’re going in a different direction,’ which I’d always heard like as a joke,” Parker told Stern regarding Antz. “And then they brought in Sharon Stone. So I was like, oh, you really did go a different (direction)!”

As for “The week before they fired me, they called me to tell me how great I was! Which I felt like was a set-up. But I think they meant it at that time,” Parker said of the confusing experience, adding later, “I’ve had no success playing an animal.”

Welcome to Hollywood.


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