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Kim Kardashian to Huffington Post: Apologize or I’ll Sue!

Kim Kardashian has had it with the Huffington Post.

Per TMZ:

The letter demands Sharika Soal — a contributor to The Huffington Post — publish a retraction and an apology for her Oct. 8th post which quoted Kim as saying her ordeal was a “publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.”

Kim says that quote is a fabrication, and her lawyers point out that quote was actually pulled from a satirical website — a clear shot at Soal’s journalistic skills.

Soal tells TMZ it’s impossible for her to give Kim what she wants because HuffPo has blocked her out of her account, so she can’t post the retraction. She says she’s explained her dilemma to Kim’s lawyers.

Sharika added … she’s got nothing and if Kim sues, that’s all she’ll get.

Kardashian was robbed in her suite for over 10 million.

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