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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for a Flawless Face

Ever wonder if you are doing your makeup correctly? And if so, what you are doing wrong or could improve on. Maybe you wonder how to get that perfect eye shadow blend, or why your contouring is looking off. YouTube makeup artist, Sona Gasparian is here to help! In her video, titled Makeup Mistakes to Avoid / Do’s & Don’ts for a Flawless Face, she go’s over many common mistakes that people make while doing their makeup. Along with smart, simple tricks on how to improve their routine!


Sona Gasparian


Below is a list of some of the makeup do’s and don’ts that Sona go’s over in her video:


Don’t: Do:
·        Match your face foundation only to the neck area ·        Match your face foundation to your whole body                        color overall
·        Use your fingers to apply foundation and                                    concealer ·        Use a brush or sponge to blend in the foundation                    and concealer
·        Use a regular compact powder to set your makeup                  in place ·        Use a finishing/translucent powder to set your                          makeup in place
·        Use a warm bronzer to contour your face ·        Use a taupe bronzer to contour your face
·        Use sparkly dark shades on both the crease and                        lid of the eye, while not blending the shades                              together ·        Use matte warm tone colors on the crease of your                    eye, and sparkly shades directly on the eyelid.                            BLEND!
·        Apply false eyelashes with a thick band ·        Apply false eyelashes with a very thin band
·        Drag the lip liner along your outer lip line, while                        not filling in the rest of your lips with the same                          color ·        Make small strokes with your lip liner and fill in                         the lips with the liner to make them look naturally                     fuller
·        Use a lipstick that is a lot lighter or darker than                          your lip liner ·        Use a lipstick or lip gloss that matches your lip                          liner and blends nicely together


Of course these are just basic tips and tricks. Everyone should do their makeup however they want or feel comfortable with.

Watch Sona Gasparian’s full YouTube video below and share with your friends!


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